Our process - How we work

A well-streamlined workflow saves time while preserving quality for optimal end-result. It took us several years to fine-tune our client engagement and website development process leading to positive and efficient communication during the project. Besides using Trello for Project Management or Slack for chats, we are keen to meet in-person, to feel the project, its scope and philosophy.


These initial stages are focused on us better understanding the customer business model, use cases and requests. We engage with our customers in various ways, assess their needs and conduct our own research and analysis in order to provide a customized valuable offer.

Work Process Stages

  • 1. Meeting & Listening. First, we will have a meeting to listen to your wishes and needs.
  • 2. Project Requirements. Preparing a detailed project requirement and breakdown.
  • 3. Submit the Offer. The project is well-analyzed and the offer is prepared.
  • 4. Offer Approval. This is the moment we are starting the project for real.


After agreeing on the scope of the work and respective terms, we roll up our sleeves and wear our creative hat. We engage in the design process, obtain customer approval along the way, always making sure to incorporate feedback to the best of our abilities. Afterwards, once we have our design concept settled, we continue with the back-end website development work.

Work Process Stages

  • 5. Design. The most pleasant phase of all – the design. Creativity and excitement.
  • 6. Design Validation. Looking forward to your Design Approval so that we can start the development.
  • 7. Development. Congratulation. That’s a serious milestone achieved. 50% of the project is done.


In addition to aesthetics, we also strive for quality. We test the features of the website multiple times and ensure everything is perfect before going live. Our work does not end here, since we also offer services of maintenance and support for your website, troubleshooting all potential future problems, and updating any necessary features to keep your website up to date and modern.

Work Process Stages

  • 8. Pre-launch Test. Almost there. One last step to go live.
  • 9. Launch. Here we are! That’s the big day that was worth waiting for.
  • 10. Maintenance & Support. Do you think launching the website is the last thing? Not really.