Branding Design

Brand identity and web design for a growing public relations agency helping build reputations in the creative industry.

Brand identity – a company name and tagline, a logo design, colours, business cards, a website, image selection, wording – is about making connections with people, it’s the face of your business.

A good identity not only reflects what you do, it helps your business position itself in the market and stand out from the crowd. It can help you attract the right customers by communicating a distinctive message people can connect and identify with. A strong brand helps drive sales and can even command a higher price: people will pay more for a product or service with the right branding.

Logo Design

A logo is the starting point for brand recognition. We design simple, disctinctive logos that shape desired perceptions of a brand.
When potential customers see the name of your business, you want that experience to be a memorable one that communicates something positive about your brand. Choice of name, font, shape, colour, layout and tagline, are all decisions that will add up to create an immediate first impression of your business.

Web Design

When looking for a product or service, people make decisions in seconds. We design clean and clear websites that quickly connect with the right people.
A website is often your first opportunity to connect with people and communicate the value of what you offer. People make decisions very quickly about who they want to do business with, so making the right impression fast can mean the difference between winning customers and losing them.
Every design decision puts your brand and its users first. By being strategic about your website, we’ll be able to produce something that not only looks good, but that also delivers the kind of high quality online experience users are used to.